About us

Children are the most dear to Parents and it is important that they are left in the care of a secure and safe and a welcoming environment.
About us


Our programs vary to fit the needs of Parents and their child. We provide high-quality full-time or part-time childcare and kindergarten services for children 04 months through 5 years. Activities are scheduled but we often follow child initiated activities to encourage curiosity and the wonderment of life.

 Our weekly activities are well-balanced for group and free play, and consist of learning activities that will help your child develop his/her emotional, physical, intellectual and social skills.

  • The Nursery classes help build confidence and self-esteem in the children, based on positive attitudes for children to learn in a happy and caring environment. 
  • The Kindergarten classes facilitate many stimulating opportunities to encourage and extend the children not only to learn English but to think, problem solve, imagine, create and learn.


Convenience. Operation hours- from 7:00am to 5:30pm (Mon-Fri) and Saturday for extra charges.

Peace of Mind. Safety first! Little Angels International Preschool has a happy and safe environment for their children. That helps reduce stress and worry of the Parents.


Child development. The program provides their children with many opportunities for active and learning play and nutritious food. Staff members have qualifications and experience in child development.


Personalized care. Children learn more and socialize better in small groups where we can provide the children with more personalized interaction and caring.


Parent Relationship. A mutual respect is enhanced in the relationship between Parents and us. An open environment: Parents are welcome anytime, and in any part of the facility.


Facilities and Curriculum. Classrooms are air-conditioned, bright and spacious and we have facilities for out-door play. We have a modern computer facility to develop children awareness and to help them explore the world through information technology. Textbooks are supplied.